Ed Sheeran Says He Doesn’t Feel Accepted by the Pop Scene

Ed Sheeran is opening up about his feelings about the pop world.

Ostracized by His Colleagues 

The “Bad Habits” singer-songwriter made an appearance on The Breakfast Club on Tuesday (November 9). During his appearance, Sheeran revealed his true thoughts about the pop community.

“I’m not accepted by my genre,” he said.

“I thought it was quite telling that my album came out and the only people that emailed me in-depth about liking it were like Dave and Stormzy and people from the UK rap and UK grime scene,” he continued.

“My peers largely, I feel, in the pop scene often don’t want me to succeed…I’ve never felt accepted by my scene.”

About Fellow British Star

Sheeran also revealed how he feels about releasing his album around the same time as Adele. He released his new album = (Equals) right before Adele‘s highly anticipated 30, admitting he was nervous about facing off in sales with the singer.

“Would you not be? I think she sold something like 3.2 million,” he said.

“We all want a number one record. I didn’t know she was coming with an album until we already announced our date. But then obviously after then I was like ‘Thank f–k we were before that,’” he said.

“[Adele] is the biggest artist in the world. So I’m not under any illusion that she’s not a bigger artist,” he added.

He revealed that a collaboration with Adele hasn’t happened yet, because “she doesn’t really collab with anyone.”

The musician also said that he’s known her for about 15 years and saw her shows before she was Adele.

“I’ve actually known her for about 15 years,” he recalled. “She used to tour with a guy named Jack Peñate. My cousin was the house mate of Jack’s drummer and she used to open up [for them] when she was younger. She used to sit on a stool with a bass guitar and sing, so I ended up seeing her at all these tiny, tiny, tiny shows.”

“When she obviously went on and had success, I had success about three years later and we bumped into each other and it’s really nice to have someone that you’ve known for that long.”

“I mean I don’t know her super, super well, but you know, we are both British and we have a fair bit in common so yeah, she is lovely.”


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