Dua Lipa Confirms Relationship Status After Being Spotted with Trevor Noah

A week after Dua Lipa was seen stepping out with Daily Show host Trevor Noah, she confirmed her true relationship status for the record.

Setting the Record Straight

“For me, this is the first year I’ve not been in a relationship for a very long time,” the 27-year-old singer said during the iHeartRadio original Dua Lipa: At Your Service podcast on October 7. 

“It’s been really great to just be alone and only think about myself and kind of be quite selfish.”

As Dua noted, it’s a time in her life she’s welcoming with open arms since she’s “never really had the opportunity.”

“But when you find someone that really softens you and calms you down,” she added. “I think it is the Leo thing—it makes a big difference.”

Dua’s glimpse into her current love life comes on the heels of her nighttime outing with Trevor—which understandably put fans into a tailspin. The “New Rules” singer and the 38-year-old were seen enjoying a night out together in New York City late last week.

Previous Relationships

Prior to her step back into the single life, Dua dated Anwar Hadid—whose sisters are Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid—for two years before calling it quits in late 2021. After her split, as Vogue noted, she was “single and content” and more than happy to embrace a new chapter on her terms.

“Some people on the internet were like, ‘Oh, Dua went out for dinner on her own, blah blah,’ I do this all the time,” she told Vogue in May. “And I think that’s amazing if you do it all the time. You must be so confident. But it was a big step for me.”


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