Don’t Call My Relationship Incest: Bobbi Kristina

Don't Call My Relationship Incest: Bobbi KristinaBobbi Kristina – Whitney Houston’s daughter – is not worried about what her grandmother has to say because she believes she can do as she wants…no matter what.

Some of Bobbi Kristina’s friends have already said that she told them that she and Nick Gordon – 22 years old – were in a relation. However, ten years ago Whitney unofficially adopted him because of his issues at his own home.

When Cissy Houston – Bobbi’s grandmother – saw the videos that were online that revealed her granddaughter Bobby and Nick kissing and carrying on during a lunch date she told one of her close friends that it was incestuous.

When Bobbi Kristina heard about this she told her friends that she didn’t care a d### about what her grandmother things about the controversial relationship. She goes on to say that Nick is not her biological brother so how can it be incest.

Talk around the web has revealed that users feel for Bobbi. They feel as though everyone is not going to be happy no matter what so she may as well go ahead and do her own thing.

For all the talk that has been going on about her wearing an engagement ring, Bobbi has not said anything about that but some of her friends revealed she and Nick are planning a Vegas vacation as we speak.


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