David Russell Feels on Transgender Niece

David Russell Feels on Transgender NieceDavid Russell is the man behind “The Fighter” and also the man who is being investigated by Florida authorities for feeling on his 19 year old transgender niece. However, surprisingly, he is not even trying to deny this he says he admits to doing so but it was consensual.

This incident took place at a South Florida hotel gym December 30th. The police were alerted three days after it took place. Russell’s niece – who was born a man – told the cops that everything started when they were working out their abs and Russell started asking her about the transformation. She said Russell started talking about her breasts and complimented her about the hormones making her breasts larger. However, it should be mentioned that they are not blood related. The niece also states that Russell then proceeded to put his hands under her top and felt both of her breasts.

The woman admitted that she did not ask him to stop even though she was feeling uncomfortable. Russell was contacted later and he admitted to touching her breasts because she gave him permission to do so. Russell also agreed that they were having a conversation about her breasts and the niece told him that one was bigger than the other and she wanted him to feel for himself.


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