Criminal Charges Against Jon Bon Jovi’s Daughter Dropped

Criminal Charges Against Jon Bon Jovi's Daughter DroppedJon Bon Jovi’s 19-year old daughter will not be facing any charges for an alleged heroin overdose at her college dorm on Wednesday. The Oneida County District Attorney has dropped all criminal charges against Stephanie Bongiovi and the 21-year old male student who was involved in her alleged overdose.

Bongiovi was arrested for possession of marijuana and a controlled substance and for criminally using drug paraphernalia. She was arrested after the officers from the Kirkland Police Department responded to report that Bongiovi had overdosed and was unresponsive. The police and emergency medical personnel found her alive when they got to the scene.

The police searched the scene and found a “small quantity” of heroin, marijuana and some drug paraphernalia. She was later released from police custody, but was due to appear in court on a set date.

Before she was even due to appear in court, Bongiovi was released and all charges were dropped. The D.A. says they needed to drop the charges because of the law in New York stating the prohibition of prosecuting those who have experienced drug overdose. This also goes to those who help the person seek medical care. Therefore, it left Bongiovi and the male student off the hook

Stephanie is Jon Bon Jovi’s only daughter and their eldest child with wife Dorothea Hurley. The couple has three other kids.


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