Chris Brown: Exposed

Chris Brown: ExposedChris Brown was trying so hard to keep his attendance at Rihanna’s birthday party a secret yet his plan seems to have failed. We have been told this he passed out confidentiality agreements to the other attendants.

We have even learned that Chris Brown made a big deal out of it. He is said to have made everyone sign and NDA before he would even go inside of the mansion. This was done by his henchmen. However, the funny thing is they were not able to get everyone to sign the paper, yet Chris Brown eventually decided to come in. Also, for the time he was there he was spotted numerous times cuddling with Rihanna.

Some of the party goers said Chris Brown and Rihanna were even intimate at times. They were spotted seating close to each other while they talked and held each other’s hands starring into the others eyes. But, no need to worry the restraining order is not in place anymore so Chris Brown will not be facing any charges.
Some of the guest who attended Rihanna’s special bash was Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, and Chris Martin – without his wife. The cake was something to talk about, it had Rihanna riding a giant…spliff!

Chris Brown’s rep has stated that the only agreements that they passed out were to the workers and others that they caught recording or snapping pictures of Chris Brown.


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