Chevy Chase Quits “Community” Before End of Season 4

Chevy Chase Quits “Community” Before End of Season 4Hit sitcom “Community” will have to finish Season 4 without Chevy Chase. Chase and Sony Pictures Television came up with a mutual agreement regarding the actor’s departure. Sony Pictures Television had announced this development on Wednesday and that Chase will be off the show immediately.

Most of this season’s 13 episodes have already been produced except one or two episodes. Chase will no longer be appearing in these last episodes. No news has been reported whether he will be written off the script. Producers are not expecting other members of the cast to leave anytime soon.

Chase’s departure was not much of a shocker to the media. His relationship with the team was a “roller-coaster relationship”. He was frustrated with how his character lacked direction. Last October, the actor had quite an outburst and used the “N” word on the set and in front of the other cast members. He immediately apologized after the incident.

The actor also had a rift with sitcom creator Dan Harmon, who was then replaced as showrunner. This happened weeks after the leaking of the actor’s angry voicemail into the Internet.

This is not the only speed bump the show experienced during this season. The show almost got cancelled, but was renewed at the eleventh hour. NBC and Sony Pictures Television declined to further make a comment on the issue.


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