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Drake and Chris Brown Sued For Night Club Brawl
Chris Brown and Drake are being sued for $16 million for doing nothing to stop a fight involving both their entourages at theNew York Citynight club W.I.P. on June 14. The lawsuit was filed by Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, the company
Stallone’s Nephew Lashes Out
Edd Filiti, the nephew of actor Sylvester Stallone has accused the actor of 'neglecting' his son. He lashed out at the actor through a series of angry Facebook posts claiming that Stallone neglected his son Sage Stallone throughout his life. Sage
Lil Wayne: Cut The Crap Drake!
Lil Wayne and the other members of “Young Money” have all voiced their opinions that they feel as though Drake needs to squash the madness between himself and Chris Brown because it is very bad for business. Drake’s sources have
Chris Brown vs Drake
For those of you who have not heard yet it appears as though Chris Brown and Drake got into quite a brawl. Officials have been trying to get to the bottom of it based on a video that was recorded,
Kris Humphries: My Ex-Girlfriend Ran A Whore House
Kris Humphries decided that he needed to find out more information about the hotel that his ex-girlfriend works at. According, to Myla Sinanaj, Kris Humphries had his lawyer tell her manager that she used to work at a hotel and