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Kobe Bryant: Revealed By “The Basketball Wives”
It has been confirmed that the reason Vanessa is divorcing Kobe Bryant is due to the fact that her Basketball Wives sisters have given her information about him that they were sworn to never tell her from their husbands. It
Jermaine “Huggy” Thompson: Arrested For 200 Pounds of Weed
Most people know Jermaine as “Thomas Sams” from Lean on Me. It’s starting to look like his part in the play was not just and act. Turns out that Jermaine has now been arrested and is currently in jail for
Finding Conrad Murray Guilty Was an Easy Decision
The jurors who found Conrad Murray all stated that this was not a hard decision at all. Matters of fact, all of them were in agreement that he should be found guilty from the start. They knew as soon as
Michael Jackson and the Doctor: Fatal Friendship
Yesterday, Doctor Conrad Murray was found guilty at his trial. Now today it turns out that Doctor Murray has a documentary that will be released soon that will reveal some very shocking news about Michael Jackson. The doctor started working
Lindsay Lohan Can Thank the Sheriff
One of the county Sheriffs in L.A. – Lee Baca – may have lead the judge into thinking that Lindsay Lohan will be actually serving whatever sentence it is that she is imposing upon her. The reasoning behind this is