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Amber Portwood: Just Send Me to Prison Already
We are sure you all are aware of who “Teen Mom” Amber Portwood is as her name has been across headlines more than a few times. However, this time she is making headlines because she has requested for the judge
Rapper 2 Chainz Arrested For Brass Knuckles
On Tuesday rapper 2 Chainz was arrested for Brass Knuckles. He was in an airport in New York when the brass knuckles were discovered in his backpack. Not to mention the fact that he was on his way to perform
Will Smith Smacks a Reporter
Will Smith was caught on video on Friday slapping a Ukrainian reporter across the face in Moscow during the premiere of Men in Black 3. Will Smith became angry because the reporter tried to kiss him on the lips on the
Kanye Caught With His Pants Down
Well, almost. In a questionable exit from a vehicle led by Kim Kardashian, the rapper had visible thigh exposure from saggy pants. Some are suggesting that Kim is setting up all her exposure with Kanye. Most recently Kim was wearing
Amanda Bynes UPDATE
Well the star who recently decided to take a break from acting and Hollywood finds herself in the scene, again. Amanda Bynes was released on a five grand bail, shortly after 10 am on Friday. However, the young woman hadn’t