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Who Has the Best Celebrity Facebook Page?
Facebook is everywhere, and everyone who is anyone and those who are no one have a Facebook page that they use on a daily basis. This is just what they are for. You can stay connected with those around you
Being 8 Months Pregnant Doesn’t Stop Snooki From a Good Work Out
[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="227"] Snooki doesn't let being pregnant with her daughter slow her down![/caption] Snooki is now 8 months pregnant with a little girl. Her second pregnancy has not gotten her down though. She has been seen working out, because
J-Lo Awarded 2,500th Star On The Famous Hollywood Walk Of Fame
In show business awards are handed out on a regular basis, so much so that after a while they tend to become a little monotonous, though certain awards are held in higher regards than others, like the Oscars for example.
Taylor Swift devastated after break-up with Harry Styles
The Taylor-Harry romance has finally come to an end. We have received reports that Taylor Swift was devastated when their quick relationship ended that she even bawls herself to sleep. Aww. Poor, Taylor. We all know she has had her
Kim Kardashian reveals Baby Kimye will be wearing a lot of leather and chains!
Looks like someone’s going to take the spotlight off Blue Ivy as baby Kimye’s bound to have lots of swag! Kourtney and Kim Kardashian were guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live’s episode last night and the ever so fashionable Kim, became open