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Simon Cowell Splashes Out $650,000 On A Vintage Car
When you are worth an estimated $425million you can buy whatever you want, and that is exactly what Simon Cowell has done as he has spent $650,000 on a Eagle Speedster car. Simon Cowell saw is known for his love of
One Direction Boys Are Turning Into Men!
Who'd have thought it, The One Direction boys are “turning into men” despite their penchant for sleeping, not going out and playing on the Xbox! The five boys, sorry men, have been talking to Top of the Pops Magazine about how
Reese Witherspoon Admits Her Mother Embarrasses Her On Twitter All The Time
Parents regularly embarrass their children don't they, especially teenagers, but when you are 37 and your parents still embarrass you things can get a little awkward. That's exactly what's happening to Reese Witherspoon at the moment as the Legally Blonde
One Direction Blag Their Way To Unusual Free Gift
The five band members of One Direction are reportedly worth in the region of £12million each, not bad considering they didn't even win The X-Factor (they came third if you remember in 2010), but that has not stopped one band
Kelly Rowland Considers Herself “Too Shy” To Perform At Her Own Wedding
Former X-Factor judge and Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland has performed in front of tens of thousands of people during her music career, but she considers herself to be “a little shy” to perform at her own wedding. Kelly, who