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Luke Wilson Says He Didn’t Understand Anything About Brother Owen Wilson’s Show ‘Loki’
Luke Wilson recently spoke about what he thought of brother Owen Wilson‘s run on Loki. DC or Marvel? In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, the 49-year-old actor revealed that he actually didn’t understand anything about the Disney+ series. “Never did understand the
Harry Styles Hangs Around the Fan’s House
Harry Styles was recently his fan’s house where he fed her fish, drank some tea, and hung out with her dad. Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t at the place when that happened. Casually Chilling At Fans’ Homes Harry Styles fan named Theadora
New Game is Focusing on Katy Perry
Glu Mobile is known for their Kardashian game that you can play right from the comfort of your own phone, and has a few other games out there. They are fun, fast and provide the right amount of challenge with
Which One Direction Band Member Has A Passion For Knitting? Yes That’s Knitting!
When you spend a long time away from home it must be difficult to find ways in which to pass the time. Just ask the One Direction boys, as they are currently in the middle of their 'Where We Are'
Simon Cowell Splashes Out $650,000 On A Vintage Car
When you are worth an estimated $425million you can buy whatever you want, and that is exactly what Simon Cowell has done as he has spent $650,000 on a Eagle Speedster car. Simon Cowell saw is known for his love of