Britney Spears’ Mom Lynne Spears Speaks Out on Singer’s Wedding After Not Being Invited

Despite not being invited to Britney Spears’ wedding, Lynne Spears sent a message to her estranged daughter and Sam Asghari.

Sending Her Warm Wishes

After the singer shared several photos from the couple’s big day on June 9, her mom commented on one of her Instagram posts, 

“You look radiant and so happy! Your wedding is the ‘Dream’ wedding! And having it at your home makes it so sentimental and special! I am soooo happy for you! I love you!”

Lynne also liked a post from Sam’s sister Fay Asghari, who wrote on her Instagram page, “One of the most beautiful and emotional moments of my life was to watch my brother get married. I love you both so much @samasghari & @britneyspears.”

Also not invited to Britney’s wedding: Her dad and longtime past co-conservator Jamie Spears, plus her sister Jamie Lynn Spears, who later liked one of the posts about the nuptials.

The Response

Britney did not respond publicly to her sister or mom’s social media responses. Many of the singer’s fans criticized Lynne over her post. For over a year, she and other members of the Spears family have drawn fire from Britney’s supporters for allegedly not supporting her enough amid her bid to terminate her legal conservatorship, which the star had deemed abusive. It ultimately ended last November after 13 years.

It was then that Britney spoke out against her mother, claiming it was her influence that caused the conservatorship in the first place. In a since-deleted Instagram post, Spears wrote, “My dad may have started the conservatorship 13 years ago … but what people don’t know is that my mom is the one who gave him the idea.” She continued, saying that her mother “secretly ruined my life … so take your whole ‘I have NO IDEA what’s going on’ attitude and go f*** yourself!!!!”

Despite Britney’s statements that her mother was the one who came up with the conservatorship, Lynne Spears claimed her legal team played a pivotal role in helping to release her daughter from it. In the same week as her daughter’s angry comments, Lynne requested that the conservatorship compensate her for over $660,000 in legal fees.


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