Bobby Brown and a 3 Month Program

Bobby Brown and a 3 Month ProgramWhat do celebs get when they get in trouble? A tiny little slice of the punishment normal folks get. After Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston’s ex, was spotted talking on a cell phone while driving, police pulled him over. The cops then noticed that Brown appeared ‘unusual’ and found him to be one and half times over the legal limit for alcohol.

Browns attorney worked out a sweet deal for the guy. He gets off scot free, pretty much but has to do a three month alcohol program. Oh, and 36 months’ probation. We hope they drug test, at the cost of the law breaking Brown.

Honestly though, who cares about probation when the judge lifts the “no alcohol consumption” rule. The charges get dropped and we have another celeb off the hook, with consent to get drunk all over again.
Hope the California residents don’t raise a stink about this; it would be hard to prove this was a “fair judgment”.


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