Billie Jean arrested at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

Michael JacksonAccording to, a woman by the name of Billie Jean (yep, just like Michael Jackson’s hit song) Jackson allegedly tried to enter Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Monday evening. But that’s not all…

60-year-old Billie Jean told the security guard at the gate that she was in fact Michael’s wife and that the Neverland Ranch was her home too. The guard turned her away, but this did not stop good old Billie Jean. She just climbed over the fence instead.

Deputies were called to the pop star’s home around 6 p.m. There, Billie Jean was arrested. She was charged with trespassing and her bail was set at $2,500.

This was not the first time Billie Jean had tried to enter the property. The security guard had actually arrested her numerous times before. 



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