Being 8 Months Pregnant Doesn’t Stop Snooki From a Good Work Out

Snooki doesn’t let being pregnant with her daughter slow her down!

Snooki is now 8 months pregnant with a little girl. Her second pregnancy has not gotten her down though. She has been seen working out, because baby number two is not going to be ruining the body that she tried so hard to keep after little Lorenzo made his way into the world. “Dancing with the Stars” put her in great shape, so she wants to continue to maintain that shape, even after this little darling is born.
Her workout regime is hardcore, even if she is 8 months pregnant – she wants to ensure that she doesn’t lose out on all of the benefits that come with being in great shape. Her video that was posted to her Instagram put other pregnancy workouts to shame. She is up there, working her hardest in order to keep the slim, trim body she desires. She lifts weights, squats like no tomorrow and make sure that she does all of the moves with class. During each of her group fitness classes, you can see her with friends but she is keeping up the pace right along with them.

Snooki’s Workout

She wants to let everyone know, that even if you are pregnant, it doesn’t mean that you should slow down. You should still be able to reach your full potential and get that much more out of working out, even with a baby in your belly. She is looking forward to the birth of her daughter, but for now, she is making sure to do everything possible to keep her in great shape, and looking fine. Who knows? This might make her labor and post pregnancy weight loss much easier.
You’re able to check out her pictures of working out, along with her tight body up above. She might make you feel a little less than when it comes to the body type that you maintain. If shes 8 months pregnant and keeping up with the workouts, don’t you think it is time to hit the gym and work on a bit of your body?


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