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Don’t Quit Your Day Job
Carrie Prejean has  apparently decided that with her new breasts and her lack of a job, the obvious next move would be pop princess. So how does that fit into the anti gay marriage thing? we're sure she'll find an
Paris says.. It’s all an Act
Paris Hilton is trying to convince us all that her on-camera persona is a character that she has made up. While filming Paris, Not France, the Simple Life star said that she doesn't want the public to think of
Eve Plumb Mad At Brady Sister?
Maureen McCormick says that a lesbian rumour she started about herself and a Brady Bunch co-star was a "joke" and she thinks it may be the cause of a rift between she and Eve Plumb. Maureen, who played Marcia Brady
Congressman Rips on Michael Jackson
Let's see.. how fast can you alienate mega millions of voters...Congressman Pete King (R-NY) did it all in one fell swoop. HE feels, that perhaps we should be honoring the men and women of the Armed Forces -- and not
Slumdog Millionaire Child Actor Given New Home
Slumdog Millionaire actor Azhauddin Ismail, who played the young Salim, has  a new home in Mumbai. The 250ft apartment was bought by Jai Ho Trust,  set up by director Danny Boyle and producer Christian Coulson. The young actor will be given the