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“Hiccup Girl” Gets Charged With Murder
Not too long ago, a young girl was covered by the major news outlets in connection to her chronic hiccupping. She hiccupped for an entire 6 weeks without stop. Eventually, doctors were able to help her stop or they stopped on
Katie Holmes spends more than $43,000 on makeover
The rumor has it that Tom Cruise’s wife Katie Holmes spent more than $43,000 to change her look for the Japanese premiere of Cruise’s Nazi movie “Valkyrie” last week. The British tabloid the Daily Mail reports that Holmes’s makeover took place
Horror: Celebs without makeup!
Lara Flynn Boyle
Lara Flynn Boyle looks much better with her clothes on! But look at the bikini-pic - she has enlarged her lips. We just ask: WHY????
Jennifer Garner
Celebs are often more famous for the way they look, than for the movies they are in or the songs they sing. But are they really natural beauties, or just products of great makeup artists and talented stylists? Judge for