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Conan O’Brien Looks Back At The Tonight Show
In case you’ve been wondering what Conan O’Brien has been up to, a documentary has just been premiered about the days after the unexpected ending to his career on NBC’s “Tonight Show”. Conan attended the premiere on Sunday night but
Kelsey Grammar Turned Down Porn Film
Kelsey Grammer  says  that he turned down the chance to become a porn star when he was a struggling teenaged actor. The actor says that he was initially interested in the offer, reported Contactmusic. He explained by saying: "I have been offered
Hudgens Says She is More Guarded Since Nude Photo
Vanessa Hudgens says thats she has become "more guarded" about her private life following her nude photograph scandal. Well that's great, but it might have helped before the fact? Speaking to Parade, the High School Musical actress told the reporters
Simon Cowell’s first showbiz break: Polishing Jack Nicholson’s axe
… and yes, we mean axe! “American Idol” judge/record label executive Simon “Mr. Nasty” Cowell has not always been rich and famous. According to Britain’s The Sun, Cowell’s first showbiz job was actually behind the camera on Jack Nicholson’s 1980 horror
Jackson Rents Home Near Haunted Caves
Michael Jackson will be spending his time next to a maze of haunted caves during his 'This Is It' London residency. The 'Thriller' star recently rented a luxury Kent mansion to stay in for his sell out comeback tour and is