Another Teen Mom Star Gets A Boob Job

Another Teen Mom Star Gets A Boob JobTalk about Jenelle Evans getting a boob job like Farah Abraham and Maci Bookout has been the talk on the web for a couple of weeks now. However, Jenelle has finally decided to go through with the process and she is getting a lot of bad words because of it.

Jenelle recently Tweeted to her followers and alerted them that she had completed the process and she was really sore. However, to her surprise she received a lot of negative comments stating that she was wasting money that could have been spent on her son Jace. Jenelle came back and stated that Jace is well taken care of and no money was wasted. She revealed that Jace has a college fund, a trust, and everything else that he needs. She even said she has been paying her mother child support.

Why Did Jenelle Get A Boob Job?

Jenelle also revealed that the reason she has gotten the breast implants is because she was very insecure with her small breasts. She moved her breasts up to a C from a B and based on the pictures of her she is not insecure anymore.


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