A Blonde Miley Cyrus Photographed In Revealing Clothes Again!

A Blonde Miley Cyrus Photographed In Revealing Clothes Again!After announcing her engagement to Liam Hemsworth over a month ago, 19-year-old superstar Miley Cyrus is once again making rounds on the internet after dying her hair completely blonde, and not to mention dressing more and more beyond her years.

On July 18th, she was photographed with fiancé Liam returning to their hotel in Philadelphia, wearing a revealing, halter neck denim jumpsuit, which mainly emphasized her chest.

The backless jumpsuit also allowed Miley to flaunt one of her many tattoos which could clearly be seen below her right armpit. Her super slim figure was also the subject of conversation with these fresh pictures of her in the body-hugging denim jumpsuit.

The Hollywood couple are currently in Philadelphia, where Liam Hemsworth is shooting for the movie ‘Paranoia’, co-starring Harrison Ford. Miley, on the other hand, is happily getting a taste of the ‘housewife’ life, taking a break from her own hectic schedule to look after their pet dog Ziggy.


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