16 and Pregnant Now 16 and Arrested

Whitney PurvisWhitney Purvis, one of the stars from “16 and Pregnant” was arrested in Georgia for shoplifting at Walmart. However, you will find it rather shocking to find out what it was this 20 year old shoplifted priced at $15.98.

A pregnancy test…

The best part is she even had the balls to use the pregnancy test while she was still in the store.
The police report states that Whitney Purvis put a First Response Pregnancy test in her hooded jacket and then went into the restroom in the store and proceeded to use it. Afterwards, she tried to walk out of one of the side doors as if nothing had happened but the store’s security spotted her and called the police while she was under citizen’s arrest.

Once Whitney Purvis arrived at the police station they booked her for a misdemeanor crime – theft by shoplifting. And yes, this is the same girl who was on the show in 2009 and also the same girl whose mom was busted for meth in Georgia just last year.

Why does it seem as though all of these MTV show girls just cannot seem to stay out of trouble?


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