Wonder Woman has Another Costume Makeover

Wonder Woman has Another Costume MakeoverPictures fresh off the set of David E. Kelly’s remake of the Wonder Woman TV show have surfaced and they reveal that the costume designers have rethought their original design. Perhaps the creators realized from the overwhelmingly negative response from fans that a rethink was in order.

The design that was revealed earlier this month prompted an outcry that the top to toe latex look was just plain tacky. And anyway how could she have possibly moved, let alone run in the latex leggings and high heeled latex boots that the designers originally had her wearing. Reportedly some fans even complained that her costume was unpatriotic without the stars from the US flag, her new look see’s the stars return on her new dark blue leggings.

However her red latex bustier seems to have stayed pretty much the same. But from the video of her running onset, the designs seems to manage to only just hold her in, we’re sure much to the delight of many viewers .

Let us know whether you love or hate Wonder Woman’s second makeover.

Below is a first glimpse of Adrianne Palicki in action as the new Wonder Woman.


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