Winona Ryder Worried of Having Children in Her Career

Winona Ryder Worried of Having Children in Her CareerWorried, the actress Winona Ryder feared that bearing kids will reduce her possibility of having more acting careers in the future.

The female actress is planning not to start a family later on if this will damage her career in the show business. If she wanted to have a family now, she asked if there is still a great chance that she will be coming back to the movie scene after several years.

The American actress is not willing to get pregnant not only because of her role in “Black Swan”, but as well as the Hollywood’s approach to ageing actresses. She will portray Beth Maclyntyre as the prima ballerina who was then substituted by a younger dancer Nina played by the actress Natalie Portman.

She even added that it was a cool parallel being substituted by fresh others. She said that she knows that this is happening in the Hollywood today, and that it is difficult to locate excellent roles when there are newer girls around the business.


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