Will Bobbi Kristina Be Okay?

Will Bobbi Kristina Be Okay?We all know that people lose their parents all the time but usually the death does not require millions to mourn over them.

Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown has been experiencing this since February 11th. This is the day her mother, Whitney Houston, was found dead in the bathroom in a Beverly Hills hotel room. However, at the exact time this was taking place Bobbi Kristina was doing a stand in for her mother in a photo shoot. Once she found out what had happened to her mom she was “distraught and crying”.

Just the night before Bobbi Kristina had finished high school and her mother and her celebrated at a bar. Sources have stated that the two were more like best friends then mother and daughter because they frequently partied together. However, on February 18th Bobbi Kristina attended a 3 ½ funeral next to her grandmother, Cissy Houston.

Once it was finally over she disappeared for seven hours and she shut off her cell phone. Not to mention that after her mother passed she had to be treated for stress. Her loved ones are all worried about her because she idolized her mother and even had dreams of becoming an actress and a singer like her. However, her loved ones fear that she will follow the wild lifestyle of her mother as well. Not to mention the fact that she is taking her mother’s death really hard.


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