Why are Bryan Randall and Sandra Bullock Not Getting Engaged Anytime Soon?


Bryan Randall and Sandra Bullock are in a fantastic place within their relationship.

This power couple who have been seeing each other for more than a year now are doing great within their relationship.  Even though Sandra Bullock has been really busy filming her next major role in Ocean’s Eight, Randall and Sandra have made this relationship a very high priority in their lives.  The two of them both have been very busy but no matter what they always set time aside in order to spend time with each other.  Both of them have made it perfectly clear that they are very content with how their relationship has been forming.

Although Sandra is an A-Listed star, she does prefer that her relationships remain private, which is in fact exactly how Bryan feels as well.  Sandra and Bryan have taken a huge step forward in their relationship and now live together, and they relish the quiet simple times that they get to spend with each other, and Bryan enjoys helping Sandra with her children and treats them each as if they were his very own.

Despite the significance of moving forward within their relationship, Randal as well as Bullock are in no way in a hurry to get married.  Although marriage has been the focus of a conversation or two between them, they both believe that it is not something that they NEED to do.  Both Sandra and Bryan have been in relationships that have been serious in the past, and both have learned a lot from these relationships, so both are very aware of what they want as well as what they do not want and why.  For the time being they are very content on being life partners and will spend the upcoming holidays together just like they have in the past, as well as knowing that they a both very deeply in love with each other.


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