Who Is Lining Up A Date With Cheryl Cole?

Russell-BrandLast week we brought you the news that Cheryl Cole was single again after it was announced that she and her boyfriend Tre Holloway had gone their separate ways after 14 months together. One man in particular is wasting no time in trying to win over her affections, and that man is comedian and womaniser Russell Brand.

Brand has recently become single again himself after his spilt from Jemima Khan, and know according to a close friend he is trying to get Cheryl Cole as his next lady friend. The friend told the Daily Star newspaper the following, they said, “Russell asked staff to send Cheryl two tickets for tonight’s ‘Messiah Complex’ show in London. He even said he hopes she will bring her mum, Joan along too, because he thinks she’s the key to winning Cheryl over.”

That is actually good thinking on Brand’s part, because it is always good to have your potential Mother-in-law on your side! The source went on to add, “Russell reckons if she enjoys the show enough, she might consider going out on a date with him. It isn’t just a quick fling he’s looking for either. Like most men in the country, he’s always fancied her.”

Brand has a reputation of flirting and going after women, and it remains to be seen if he can win over Cheryl Cole and ask the former Girls Aloud star out on a date. Do you think Cheryl Cole and Russell Brand will make a good couple, or is Russell Brand flogging a dead horse as secretly he knows that Cheryl Cole will go nowhere near a man with his reputation?


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