Who Exactly is Lewis Bloor?

During the time that he spent in the spotlight, he surely has had his share of controversial headlines. Here is the latest on what is known about this HUNK……

What is His Background?

He was born on November 28th, 1989 in Essex.  Lewis is a British reality TV star, very well known for starring in the show Towie.  He also placed 10th on the TV Show Celebrity Big Brother in the year of 2016.  Well, he is also a fitness expert (Umm, couldn’t tell that), check out his app Lewis Bloor 6 Minute Belly Blast. 

When exactly was He on Towie. And is He Still on the Show?

Lewis played in a total of 83 episodes the show The Only Way is Essex.  He first made his appearance in the 10th series from the year 2013 and stayed until 2016.  The time that he spent in reality TV was packed full of explosive arguments as well as lots of drama. In 2016 he surprised everyone by getting into a very heated argument with Kate Wright and Chloe Lewis.

Is he Currently Dating Anyone?

At this time Lewis is enjoying his life as a single hunk.  It was stated in late April that he ultimately enjoyed a rendezvous with Daisy Robins who is the new recruit for Made in Chelsea’s after they were both at a charity event.  Yet, Daisy dismissed that particular night as a one-off, she stated they got close, spent the night together but that was as far as it went.

Why did Lewis and Marnie Split Up?

It has been stated that while Marnie was away, Lewis decided to play.  After Marnie discovered this, she was heartbroken and ended the relationship. After this happened he publicly posted a letter of apology, and later it was revealed that he was to go into therapy in order to tackle his insecurity issues.



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