What Was Jermaine Jones Thinking!?

What Was Jermaine Jones Thinking!?It appears that Jermaine Jones, the Gentle Giant American Idol contestant has found himself in an uncomfortable situation. Jones had made it clear on the show that he and his dad had no relationship for the past ten years and that his dad is a “lousy father”.

Some people are speculating that this claim is false and that Jones fabricated this story of a distressed childhood to gain support while he competes in the show. If this was Jermaine’s big plan it has backfired, horrifically.

Jones father, Kevin Jones claims that his son is making false claims. K. Jones says that he has been in the audience supporting his child and even has had lunch twice with him in the last week.

It has now also been confirmed that Jermaine Jones has been disqualified from the show after the producers found out that there were 4 outstanding arrest warrants on his record back home in New Jersey!

Jermaine…Jermaine….what were you thinking?!


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