What Killed Whitney Houston?

What Killed Whitney Houston?Ever since Whitney Houston passed away this weekend at the age of 48 in her hotel room, she has been the talk of the media. However, one thing that is still not clear is what the cause of her death was.

Today, it has been released that there were numerous prescription pill bottles in her hotel room but as of yet it has not been determined that the different medications were what killed her. Some sources are saying that her cause of death could have been a heart attack that resulted from a reaction from the different medicines. However, Celine Dion seems positive that it was drugs that killed Whitney Houston.

This whole debate about Whitney Houston’s death has been all over the place. Earlier it was said that water was found in her lungs and the family was thinking she had drowned. However, the coroner informed the family that even though there was some water there was not enough water to confirm a drowning. Instead they are thinking that she died from Xanax and other prescription drugs which were also mixed with some alcohol.

Overall, Whitney Houston is someone who is dearly missed and we hope that she rests in peace and we hope that her family is able to heal.


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