Wayne Newton: Giving Out Creepy Old Man Kisses?

Wayne Newton: Giving Out Creepy Old Man Kisses?Wayne Newton is apparently a creepy old man giving out kisses according to the new lawsuit that he has pending against him. Wayne – 70 years old – is being sued by his former business partner who is claiming to have invested millions of dollars to turn Wayne’s mansion in Vegas into a museum. In return he claims Wayne Newton torpedoed the project.

The lawsuit states that Wayne Newton and other family members interfered with the plans that were put in place by refusing to leave the home so the construction could be done while also refusing to remove the horses and vicious dogs that were on the property as well.

Now the juicy part.

Yes, in addition to all that was previously stated there is more. Wayne Newton’s business partner is also claiming that he was “sexually reprehensible and intimidating” to one of the younger workers. He spooked her so bad that she threatened him with a lawsuit and quit her job. The young girl claims that he made her receive one of his wet, sloppy, and plain out disgusting kisses that were of a very sexual nature. Furthermore, the girl feels as though she was violated and she felt weak every time she had to see him.

Wayne’s ex business partner is suing him for breach of contract and fraud while the girl has not filed her lawsuit yet.


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