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Self-Pleasure Flick from Octomom Is Coming Soon
Octomom has filed for bankruptcy and now she is upgrading from taking provocative pictures to actually doing a movie that we are sure her children would not want to see when they get older. Today’s juiciest gossip is the talk
Granny Is Knitting More than Quilts
While most grannies are at home knitting quilts Darlene Mayes is at home knitting drugs. From her appearance you would not expect her innocent face to have been one of Oklahoma’s biggest drug kingpins. This week she has finally made
Don’t Call My Relationship Incest: Bobbi Kristina
Bobbi Kristina – Whitney Houston’s daughter – is not worried about what her grandmother has to say because she believes she can do as she wants…no matter what. Some of Bobbi Kristina’s friends have already said that she told them that
David Russell Feels on Transgender Niece
David Russell is the man behind “The Fighter” and also the man who is being investigated by Florida authorities for feeling on his 19 year old transgender niece. However, surprisingly, he is not even trying to deny this he says
Jamie Foxx & Tyler Perry: Facing A Lawsuit
A prisoner has decided to sue both Jamie Foxx and Tyler Perry for one million dollars each due to the fact that he feels that they have jacked his idea of a new comedy. The comedy is supposed to star