Victoria Beckham Joins The Cast of Dallas – Or Maybe Not!

Victoria Beckham Joins The Cast of Dallas – Or Maybe Not!Just because Victoria Beckham does not seem too cheerful in her photos, that does not mean she has no sense of humor. Thanks to Photoshop, Beckham instantly became part of the cast of “Dallas”. The 38-year old Spice Girl spoofed a photo of the cast and superimposed her face over the body of the cast member Victoria Principal

Beckham was in Dallas, Texas to launch her clothes line at Neiman Marcus. This was then when she tweeted the photo of the iconic TV show. Along with the photo was a caption that read, “I always wanted to be in Dallas and here I am!!! Spot the difference with Victoria!” referring to the actress Victoria Principal.

She also joked about that famous scene from the show where Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) appeared in the shower even as he was already killed off the show a year before. Beckham joked, “Hello Dallas was all a dream,” with this reference to this scene. Posh spice even signed her tweet, “love, Victoria Principal Beckham.”

There were two edited photos of Beckham as part of the Dallas cast and one more photo of Neiman Marcus’ logo above a hat and a pair of boots. She thanked Neiman Marcus along with the photo. Perhaps Posh was more than pleased with her trip to Dallas.


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