Victoria Beckham Designs Her Own Clothes In The Nude

Victoria-BeckhamVictoria Beckham, better known for being called Posh Spice, is an extremely well known face in the celebrity world, mainly thanks to the exploits of her footballing husband David, the couples four children and her own range of designer clothes. Whenever she appears in public she is always straight faced and stern looking and rarely ever smiles for the cameras, but today people will start thinking and looking at her in a totally different way because she says she designs her clothes whilst wearing….absolutely nothing!

Victoria, 39, was at The Vogue Fashion Festival in London giving a speech about her love of designing clothes, in what for her was a rather jovial mood, when she let slip the revelation. She started off by saying, “I start by sitting down with the team and discussing ideas first.” The mum of four then went on to say, “We’re all very close and we sit down and we’re open and we talk and I normally, you know, get naked and make clothes on myself.”

Whenever she is out and about Victoria always seems to wear the same pout, and she even managed to make the audience laugh at her own expense as she went on to say, “I’m nice. Everyone thinks I’m going to be such a cow. I understand it actually. I think exactly the same when I see the pictures.”

Perhaps now she has revealed she likes to design her clothes in the nude people will see Victoria Beckham in a completely different way, but on the other hand if she keeps pouting rather than smiling when the camera is pointing in her direction then they may not!


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