Usher’s Stalker Believes She Is Married to Him

Usher's Stalker Believes She Is Married to HimUsher feels as though his stalker is dangerous because a delusional woman is following him claiming that she is his wife.

Currently, sources have revealed, that Usher has had to take out a temporary restraining order out on Darshelle Jones, age 26.

The documents obtained from the courts say that Jones popped up at his home in Georgia on the 23rd of June and not only harassed him but she harassed his family as well. Witnesses have vouched that Jones pounded on his door while demanding to enter the home. Not to mention the fact that the cops even had to be called but all they did was give her a warning. Jones did leave but immediately returned. Her following visit the next day resulted into the police being called again and she tried to make them believe that she was his wife and had just locked herself out. However, she ended up getting herself arrested because everyone knows Usher does not have a wife.

Usher states that he will definitely be making his order permanent when he goes to the hearing next month.
Ms. Jones has a YouTube video up so viewers can hear her side of the story.


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