Usher: You Cannot Have My Kids!

Usher: You Cannot Have My Kids!Usher finally has some words for his ex-wife – Tameka Raymond. He feels as though he is a wonderful dad to the kids and he does not deserve to lose his rights to see them. He even goes on to say that he did not cancel the Saks 5th Avenue credit card that Tameka was ranting about.

Back in December, Tameka filed a petition for full custody of their two kids on the grounds of Usher being an unfit parent. She complained that he not only left the area with the kids without permission but he also canceled her credit card as well. However, Usher is coming back saying she is full of crap. He is now asking the judge to reject her attempts for full custody due to the fact that the allegations she has made are a lie.

Currently, Tameka and Usher have joint custody of the children. Tameka has been trying to get full custody for a while. Numerous times she has asked the judge to issue a drug test but that has not happened as of yet.

Their next trial date is scheduled for February 27 2012. We will have to wait and see how everything goes.


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