Unexpected Death of Family Member Shatters Dancing With the Stars Celebrity

Laurie Hernandez who is a gymnast as well as being one of the competitors that is favored to win Dancing with the Stars mirror ball trophy, was in shock when she learned that her grandmother had passed away just a few hours after she honored her on camera.

This has become the greatest emotional moment of Dancing with the Stars season.  This very courageous gymnast wiped away her tears as she danced with Val Chmerkovskiy her partner and this valiant act left her cast companions as well as the audience crying as well.

Hernandez who is only 16 years old remembers how her family all pulled together in order to make her dream of becoming a gymnast come true.  Brunilda who is Hernandez’s grandmother moved to the United States from Puerto Rico in order to pursue her own American dream a long time ago. 

Yet sadly to say, Hernandez’s grandmother became ill with Alzheimer’s disease, as the Dancing with the Stars fans saw, she was placed in an assisted living facility when Hernandez went to visit her about 10 weeks ago.

As Hernandez had tears in her eyes she spoke to the camera about her grandmother’s memory not being that great.  She also spoke about her feeling sort of bad because she has been away from home for a long period of time and has not been able to visit with her as much as she would like to.  Hernandez continued to say that her grandmother is really not doing very well but she believes that she will be able to see her soon.

Then, in a very upsetting and shocking on-screen message for viewer who were watching from home as well as the audience to see, it was revealed that Laurie’s grandmother had passed away the day after the interview took place.

This remarkable teen was shown crying during rehearsal as she was consoled by her partner.

Viewers were shown a clip of Hernandez’s grandmother telling her that she was really, really proud of her in a clip that was filmed before Brunilda passed away.


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