Tupac Is Alive And Well?

Tupac Is Alive And Well?According to Suge Knight, Tupac Shakur is still alive, well, and hiding. However, remember this comes from the same man who was supposed to have been with him when he was shot fatally.

Why a change in story?

Suge Knight appeared on 93.5 K Day in L.A. today with Tattoo and Cee Cee accompanying him. While there he made sure to stir up some juicy gossip claiming that Tupac FAKED his own death. For those of you who were around during the time of Tupac you know that a debate of him being alive has been going around for years.

Suge Knight is claiming that if people actually think about it his theory is fully logical due to the fact that the cops were never able to catch the person who killed him. The reason for their being no murderer was because no murder took place. He feels as though Pac is not dead instead he is just somewhere else.

One thing to consider though is the fact that no one ever saw his body following the shooting. This does sound obvious due to the fact that usually a body is found but in Tupac’s case there was never a body ever.


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