Trump Mocks Schwarzenegger About Rating of Celebrity Apprentice


Donald Trump has been mocking Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has been chosen to be his replacement as the host of The Celebrity Apprentice show, stating that Arnold has “destroyed” the TV ratings of Celebrity Apprentice.

Donald who is the president-elect and has described himself as being a ratings machine  continued by stating “so much for being a movie star.”  Arnold returned by stating that he should work for the American people as aggressively as he actually worked to get good ratings.

Monday night was the launch of the new season and was viewed by an estimated 4.9 million people which in fact was down by 43% from the amount viewed of the premiere of last season.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has received several very mixed reviews for the debut of being the new star of Celebrity Apprentice.

The prior California governor and veteran action star, replaced Trump’s catchphrase of “You’re Fired” with his own version “You’re Terminated” – of course we all know that this is a reference to his performance in the Terminator movies.

On Friday, Trump tweeted that the rating are in and Schwarzenegger was swamped comparing them to last year’s rating when Trump was running the show.  Trump was comparing these rating to season 14 that he was in to season 1 of Arnolds, he continued by stating to compare the first season for both when more than 11 million viewer watched season 1 the very first episode in the year of 2008 of Trumps.  Schwarzenegger returned a tweet by stating that there is nothing more important than working for the American people, and the he wishes Trump all the best of luck, and that he should work as aggressively as the president as he did in order to get ratings.

Trump was starring in Celebrity Apprentice in the year of 2015, when he started his political career.


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