TLC’s Kate Plus 8 Ratings Take A Hit

Kate GoselinIt appears that Kate Plus 8 is struggling a bit, at least in front of the camera. . Ratings are down 33% since the show’s first airing (June of 2010), roughly one month ago.

Though the ratings are down, this is no reason for alarm, at least not yet, ratings for many shows drop as people become busier during the summer months. The show still attracts a large number of viewers, more then 2 million persons.

What may be a problem is the legality of the show. Federal law states that children under the age of 7 can not appear on camera. Gosselin’s older twin girls would be fine but the sextuplets wouldn’t be because they have yet to turn seven. They are each 6 years old now. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what conspires. Gosselin and the show have been down this road before and managed to come out of it quite favorably.


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