“There Is No Dramatic Story” Kelly Osbourne Reveals All About Split From Matthew Mosshart

Kelly-OsbournenewYesterday we told you that Kelly Osbourne and Matthew Mosshart had ended their engagement, with both parties going their separate ways in what was described as a “amicable spilt”. Despite representatives claiming no further comments from either party would be made Kelly has spoken to E! News about the break up.

Speaking yesterday evening about the decision to end her engagement Kelly said, “It was a mutual decision. We love each other very much, it just wasn’t the right time for us, and I think that if we’re weren’t as mature and as adult as we are then we could have gone down a road that got not very nice.”

Kelly went on to say, “There is no dramatic story. I wish there was so there was something to tell people, but no, it just happens in life. We’re still really really good friends, we’re just not living in the same house.”

So there we go according to Kelly Osbourne there is nothing sinister about her break up with Matthew Mosshart, but what do you think is there something more to this story? Let us know your thoughts below.


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