The Royals Decide Not To Take Legal Action Against Prine Harry’s Nude Photo Leak

The Royals Decide Not To Take Legal Action Against Prine Harry's Nude Photo LeakApparently, the Royals believe that Prince Harry really has a place in The Sun, since they have made a decision not to take any legal action against the U.K. tabloid for having the Prince’s naked photos published.

A spokesman of St James’ Palace has confirmed that there will be no formal action taken so that they will not distract the Prince who happens to be on deployment in Afghanistan as an Apache helicopter co-pilot.

The Royals have stated, “We remain of the opinion that a hotel room is a private space where its occupants would have a reasonable expectation of privacy.  Prince Harry is currently focused entirely on his deployment in Afghanistan, so to pursue a complaint relating to his private life would not be appropriate at this time and would prove to be a distraction and we will have no further comment to make about the matter.”

The Royals have tried to put a stop on the release of the photos which were taken in a hotel room where several individuals came to party with the Prince, who is third in-line to the thrown.

The nude pictures that have caused some controversies all over the world have included judgments for both the breach of the prince’s privacy and his hard partying actions. However, his embarrassment has almost been over shadowed by another royal embarrassment when a French Closer magazine published pictures of the topless Duchess Kate Middleton a couple of weeks ago.


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