The Next American Idol: Jim Carrey’s Daughter?

Jane Carrey American IdolLooks like Jim Carrey has passed the entertainment business on to his daughter based off the performance that she delivered on America Idol last night. Jane will be making it to Hollywood because the judges felt as though she has potential and Jennifer Lopez only had one issue which was that she needs to connect with the audience more.

Last night there were a lot of different performers who were trying out but if Jane is anything like her father we can imagine that she was the one who stood out the most. Fans are patiently waiting until Wednesday night so they can find out what else they have to look forward to when American Idol returns.

Update on the rest of the Idol members:

As we already discussed Jane Carrey is making a trip to Hollywood…Tracey Morgan is in the hospital…Katy Perry is no longer a follower of Russell Brand on Twitter…and there are still loads of people who can’t hold a tune trying out during the auditions. Basically, nothing that is not considered to be typical in the world of American Idol. Stay tuned to see what else is going to take place on this show.


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