The Beckham’s Are Looking To Set Up Home In London

the-beckhamsEver since David Beckham moved from LA Galaxy to Paris Saint-Germain earlier this year there has been lots of speculation regarding where ‘The Beckham’s’ were going to set up their new home. The early odds were on Paris, but now it appears as though they are about to sell their family home in LA and look for a new pad in London.

The Beckham’s are currently renting in London, but according to the Daily Mirror this morning they are looking to buy a new family home sooner rather than later. A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper the following, “They’ve been happy renting so far, with Victoria spending most of the week in London with the kids while David stays in a luxury pad in Paris. But they’re feeling really settled back in Europe, and Victoria has expanded her business operation in London, so it makes sense to sort out a permanent move.”

The source also told the newspaper, “They see their life as UK-based now and while both David and Victoria still have ties in LA, once the US housing market is back on track, there’s a good chance they’ll sell up. David would prefer to be in the Notting Hill area, so he can be close to people like his best mate Dave Gardener, but Victoria would prefer their family home to be slightly removed.”

So just where are The Beckham’s going to set up their new home? One thing is for certain you can guarantee it will be not be a three up two down house, more like a luxury mansion in somewhere like Chelsea. Perhaps David will be moving football clubs too and that could be the deciding factor as to where The Beckham’s set up their new family home.


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