The battle continues: Denise Richards vs. Charlie Sheen

Denise Richards vs. Charlie SheenDenise Richards is blaming her ex husband, Charlie Sheen, for trying to use her new reality show as ammunition in their child custody battle.

Charlie and his new girlfriend, Brooke Mueller, have both spoken out against Richards’ new show on E!, because they think that it will exploit his two daughters. Charlie even took the whole thing to court, but lost so now he is urging people to boycott his ex wife’s future reality show.

Denise later said the following to In Touch magazine: “This is the first time I’ve publicly commented on one of his attacks… He’s such an angry person. This court battle wasn’t about our girls on the show, it was him battling me. He wasn’t trying to protect the kids at all.”


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2 Responses to “The battle continues: Denise Richards vs. Charlie Sheen”

  1. sandra says:

    denise just needs to grow up & move on

  2. when is she going to realize she has trashed herself & her name in “hollywood” i dont see how anyone can look at her with respect. shes done some bad things; sad thing is shes never even admitted to any of it. a good person can admit when {they;ve done wrong}.