Terrence Howard: Smacked Down By His Ex-Girlfriend

Terrence Howard: Smacked Down By His Ex-GirlfriendTerrence Howard seems to have some of the worst luck ever when it comes to females – first, his wife and now his ex-girlfriend.

Terrence Howard is claiming that his ex-girlfriend showed up at his home in Pennsylvania and smacked him in his face. Also, it has been revealed from sources that Seng Yang was arrested on May 6th for some type of incident that took place at Howard’s home. Howard is saying that she came over about 11pm on that night and when she saw his new girlfriend she punched him dead in his nose.

Police reports show that Howard stated that he and Yang were involved for several years but when they split she became obsessed with him and just could not let him be. Yang will be appearing in court next month.

In other news.

Michelle and Terrence Howard are still trying to straighten out their legal issues. If you remember previously we reported that Michelle claimed that Howard was getting violent with her yet Howard was saying she was full of crap and she was the one who was racist and had even threatened to have him killed by the Russian mob.


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