Terrence Howard: My Wife Is Violent and A Racist

Terrence Howard: My Wife Is Violent and A RacistIt seems as though the tables have turned. This divorce between Terrence Howard and his wife Michelle is turning out to be very nasty. Michelle claims that Terrence Howard is the one that is abuse while now Terrence Howard has come out and said it is Michelle who is racist and violent.

Terrence has reported Michelle refers to him and his kids as an “N******” as well as monkeys. Also, he claims that she always threatens to put hits out on him with her Russian mob friends.

Terrence has requested to have a restraining order against Michelle and he is also still claiming that she is just trying to extort him with those videos that she took from his computer. Howard even goes on to say that Michelle is very jealous. He claims that she gets mad when she feels as though he has been talking to other females and has even struck him with a bottle a few times. Terrence says that he refrained from hitting her back however.

They are due to appear in court in January and so far Michelle’s lawyer has had nothing to say about this newly released information.


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