Tennis Legend Boris Becker Struggling to Fight Bankruptcy

Former 49-year-old tennis legend Boris Becker lost his fortune over some bad business deals and filed for bankruptcy back in June.

After his whole world crashed, he turned to poker tournaments hopping to change his bad luck in life.

Bad Decisions Led to Bankruptcy

This six-time Grand Slam winner and three-time Wimbledon champion invested his $130 million fortune in some risky business opportunities and lost everything.

When his money problems started three years ago, he started loaning great sums of money from his friends but that wasn’t enough. He borrowed $2.3 from a British mobile phone tycoon and $2.3 million from the billionaire founder of Phones4U, Josh Caudwell. He repaid his debt in full reportedly but he didn’t manage to solve his money issues.

Former tennis champion filed for bankruptcy in June over a debt of $4.4 million owed to a private bank.

The court ordered him to sell his collection of watches and to leave his trophies inside his $9 million London house just in case they need to be seized and sold in auction. At the same time, his wife Lily filed for divorce after 8 years of marriage and the divorce put him in even worse shape financially.

His bad love decisions over the years also brought him money problems. Seventeen years ago, Boris had an amorous encounter with Russian Model Angela Ermokova which resulted in him having a daughter.

The paternity suit followed soon after and he paid her off $2.6 million. His first wife Barbara divorced him after this scandal, costing him $14,5 million and further support for his children Noah and Elias from that marriage cost him even more. It seems that a series of relationship break-ups and poor investments are to blame for his financial troubles.

Poker Tournaments

Despite all this, Becker claims he isn’t broke.

He took a job as a head of German Tennis Federation, the largest of its kind in the world and, besides that, he seems to be enjoying life playing poker at tournaments.

He signed with Party Poker as a brand ambassador in 2016, in order to expand its reach into countries around the world and started playing for fun but winning big will definitely help him solve the predicament he is in.

He has most recently participated in a high-roller event at WSOPE in Check Republic few days ago and he lost.

He grossed over $400,000 at poker tournaments in a last couple of years and we’ll have to wait and see how his poker career takes off in the future.



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