‘Teen Mom’ Tell All Book

'Teen Mom' Tell All BookFor those of you Teen Mom fans who have wanted to know the dirty little secrets about all of your favorite stars you may finally have the chance to do just that. This book is being published by an anonymous author at this time however it is said to include various dirty details about Maci, Farrah, Amber, and Catelynn.

So far everyone is claiming they have no clue who has decided to reveal these dirty secrets but they do know that during the Teen Mom show there were a lot of dirty details that were left out/ sweep under the carpet. MTV claims that they had no choice but to edit them because they were just simply to hard core to release on the TV. Also, according to this book more than one of the Teen Moms even has sex tapes that they have been trying desperately.

Many fans are waiting impatiently for this book to be released because it discusses lesbian relationships and even shocking things about their sex lives in general. Basically, from all the talk that it is already getting this is one of those Tell All Books that is simply too good to miss.


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